Joining Serdia

Serdia, a Company with a Human Dimension

Our main responsibility towards our employees is to provide them with an environment that facilitates them to give their best for the organisation and for their personal enrichment.

We strive to attract individuals who, apart from having the required technical competencies, also demonstrate potential value-based behaviour, which our company strongly advocates. Recruitment is a key process in the organization and helps us to bring external talent to be a part of the highly motivated, committed and professional team of Serdia.

Because we know that a successful company is one that maximizes the potential of the individuals working within it, we pay particular attention to the integration and personal development of all our employees.

At Serdia, we ensure that the skills of all the employees are enhanced and continuous learning takes place, for which they are exposed to various training programmes from time to time, both internally and externally.

We have a well-developed Performance Management system, which ensures a transparent promotion policy, based purely on merit. Again, our remuneration policy is fair and one of the best in the industry.