Serdia Today and in Future

Serdia Today

Serdia is today a fast-growing company. In addition to a growing endorsement worldwide, the number of Indian patients who benefit from our products is increasing day by day. Serdia is active in four main fields: Cardiology, Metabolism, Venous disease and Neuro-psychiatry. The increasing experience with Serdia products is backed not only by international studies but also by numerous well-conducted clinical studies showing the extent of the benefits in Indian patients. All our products benefit from such investment, which shows the commitment of Serdia to the Indian patients.

Serdia's development is accompanied by the development of its Human Resource strength with new positions being created to reinforce our presence, sustain our growth and prepare for the future.

Serdia's Future

In view of several innovative molecules in the pipeline, Serdia has a bright future ahead. This also ensures future expansion, thereby creating opportunities for employees' growth.