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Welcome to the www.serdiapharma.com website (“Website”), owned and maintained by SERDIA PHARMACEUTICALS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. (“Company”), a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Serdia House, Off. Dr. S.S. Rao Road, Behind M. G. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai - 400012, India.


The Company is a licensed drug manufacturer and is engaged in the import, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of various drugs and pharmaceutical substances in accordance with the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, including the rules and regulations framed thereunder, and other applicable laws and regulations in India.


Website Usage Terms


The information provided on the Website is for general informational and educational purposes only and these Terms of Use (“Website Terms”) and the Privacy Policy (available here), together set out the entire understanding and agreement between the visitors of the Website and the Company concerning the use and access by the visitors of the Website and the content and information provided by the Company thereon. For clarification, the term ‘use of the Website’ includes, accessing, browsing, copying, referencing, downloading, sharing or using any data or information provided over the Website for any purposes whatsoever.


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The Company does not warrant that the Website, or any content made available through the Website shall be free of all errors, bugs or viruses or be available for uninterrupted use or access at all times and the use of the same is subject to and may be restricted or interrupted due to any force majeure events, server maintenance or updates, or on account of service limitations of the internet service providers, hosting and enabling the connectivity of the Website. The visitors are responsible for configuration for their computer systems and programmes, including any internet security and computer virus protection programmes, platforms and internet connectivity and charges thereof, for access of the Website.



The information and details concerning any products that are displayed over the Website is not meant as an endorsement or promotion of such products but is provided solely for information purposes for the convenience of the visitors to this Website.

The information and details concerning any products that are displayed over the Website is intended only for the residents of India and in compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable in India only and may be subject to different compositions, labelling and descriptions in other countries.


The Website contains general information concerning pharmaceutical products, medical and health conditions, symptoms and their diagnosis and treatment, for informational and discussions purposes only and such information is not meant to be a substitute for any professional advice provided by any registered medical practitioner or any qualified health care professional. The visitors accessing the Website are strictly advised not to use the information provided over the Website for treating or diagnosing any health or fitness problems, diseases or illnesses or for prescribing any medication to any person and are advised to always consult a registered medical practitioners for diagnosis and treatment of any ailments or illnesses and carefully read all information printed on the products or in the product packaging and labels.


Please note that certain sections of the Website are intended for particular audiences only, including the Company’s employees, professionals from healthcare industry, and may include training tools, information or press articles in specialized medical fields and the content provided thereunder should not be treated as medical advice and may reflect results of third party studies and opinions of independent individual authors/contributors.


Further, the Website may, from time to time, contain projections and other information and statements concerning operations, finances, business plans, future goals and projections, existing, in-line and proposed products, ongoing and proposed research and development plans and activities of the Company and/or its affiliates in India or abroad that may not be fully researched or substantiated by tests or clinical results and may involve substantial risks and uncertainties owing to incomplete pharmaceutical research and development activities, or patent and other intellectual property protections, competitive research and development activities, commercialization viability of products, general economic conditions, change in any laws and regulations and/or the decisions of the regulatory authorities, and the actual results may be materially different from the expectations and projections set forth over the Website.


The Company will use reasonable efforts to improve the accuracy and update any and all information displayed over the Website from time to time, however, the Company makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information contained over the Website and assumes no liability whatsoever and reserves its right to update or amend any such projections and information in future.


Prohibited Use

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The Company respects the privacy of the visitors accessing the Website. Please refer to the Company’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) concerning the collection, secrecy, use, protection and disclosure of any personal information or other data that may be collected by or provided to the Company by the visitors of the Website.


Intellectual Property Protection

The Company, and/or its affiliates, at all times and for all purposes, own the entire right, title and interest, including but not limited to any ownership or proprietary rights, in and to the (a) name/trademark “Serdia”, “Servier” [WG COMMENT: Please confirm if required to be retained.] and all other trademarks and service marks displayed over the Website, including product names, symbols, logos and labels or any related brands/names (“–Company  Brands”); (b) contents of the Website, including all literary and artistic material, including all images, journals, brochures, promotional, marketing and advertising material, the colour schemes, layouts, designs, templates, computer programmes, source codes and machines codes of the Website; (together “-Company templates”), unless otherwise noted thereon. All third party owners are duly recognized and depicted as the owners of their respective intellectual property rights over the Website and visitors are advised to take note thereof.


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Nothing contained in these Website Terms shall be construed or conferupon the visitors of the Website, any right, title, interest or licence to use the Company IP or any name, brand or logo confusingly similar to the Company Brands or use any of the CompanyIP, except as expressly set out herein.


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International Visitors

The Website and the information pertaining to the products and other articles, write-ups, studies and results displayed over the Website are intended to comply with the laws and regulations of India and visitors located outside India are advised to take note that the laws, regulatory requirements and medical practices in their country of residence may be different from those applicable in India.


Further, the Website contains links and references to certain third party websites and information made available by certain affiliates of the Company located outside India and the visitors are advised to take note that the information contained over the websites of such non-resident affiliates may be subject to and intended by their providers to comply with the laws and regulations prevalent in the country of which such affiliates are resident.



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Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website and the information, services, products and materials contained on the Website are provided on an “as is” basis with no warranty whatsoever and the Company disclaims any and all representations and warranties, express or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or to the operation of the Website and the information, services, product information and any materials made available over the Website.


Neither the Company nor any of its directors, officers, employees, representatives, affiliates or any other party involved in creation, production or delivery of the Website and its contents over the internet shall be liable in any event to any visitor of the Website for any actual or threatened damages, including without limitation, damages to or for any malfunctioning of the visitor’s computer equipment or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages, any business interruptions, loss of business opportunity, goodwill or reputation, arising out of (a) the use or access, download or any limitation or inability of the visitor to use or access the Website or any website linked to the Website; or (b) use of or reliance by the visitor on, any content or information including information relating to any products, displayed over the Website; or (d) any errors or omissions in the content displayed over the Website; or (e) any virus, distributed denial-of-service attack, or other technologically harmful material that may affect the computer systems, data or other proprietary material of visitors in any manner.


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Amendments: The Company reserves its rights to amend, modify,update, alter, delete or limit the Website or the contents and information available thereon, including these Website Terms, at any time without any prior notice and at its sole option and discretion, including pursuant to any notices received form any third party concerning breach of its intellectual property rights or privacy rights. The visitors accessing the Website are advised to periodically check the Website and these Website Terms to take notice of any changes made to the Website and the contents thereof or these Website Terms. Further, please note that any of the content or information available over the Website may be out of date at any given time and the Company is under no obligation to update any such information.


Governing Law: These Website Terms and the visitor’s access and use of the Website shall at all times be governed by the laws of India without regard to its conflicts of laws principles. Any and all action or proceeding concerning the access or use of the Website shall be subject of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai, India. The Company reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of these Website Rules, including seeking injunctive relief for blocking particulars internet address form accessing the Website.


No Relationship: Nothing contained over the Website or in these Website Terms shall be deemed or construed by the visitors or visitors of the Website as creating any relationship of principal and agent, or partnership, or joint venture with the Company. The visitors shall have no authority to act for or on behalf of the Company or to use the Website or any information or content provided thereon for any purpose not authorised over the Website or under these Website Terms, including framing or establishing a link in a manner as to suggest any form of association, affiliation, approval, linking or endorsement by the Company where none existsand it being intended that the visitors shall at all times be responsible for their own actions.The Company reserve its right to withdraw any linking permission granted to any visitors without any notice.


Severability: If any Clause or paragraph, or part thereof, of these Website Terms is rendered invalid, ruled illegal by any court of competent jurisdiction, or unenforceable under any present or future laws, then such provision shall be severable without affecting the enforceability of all remaining provisions of these Website Terms.


Contact Details: The visitors accessing the Website are requested to direct all their queries or other communications to serdia.pharma@in.mailgrs.com  and the Company will endeavor to respond to such queries and communications to the extent feasible, at the earliest.